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Offshore Staffing

It is generally held as a good business practice to turn IT operations and especially IT development over to external providers, as it significantly saves on staff, equipment, training and maintenance, as well as it allows customers to concentrate more on their business's core competency. However, the lack of IT professionals in developed countries has reached critical proportions, with over 400,000 vacant IT positions in North America alone.

Numerous companies focus on India for lower costs for its caliber of computer engineers. The cost savings are an additional benefit and on top of that Access Technology India serves as an offshore development for various companies in USA, Canada and UK. The offshore companies pay 30-35% of the actual salary as compared to their own country. We update the outsourcing companies every alternate day about the progress. Isn't it a brilliant idea to make Access Technology your back office !!

Eurocharms developers are exposed to the cutting edge of all developing technologies.

Outsourcing to us can be for:
New Development

Following are the prices we offer for some development areas:

ASP,.NET, PHP, MYSQL Server - $18/Hr

Web Design, Graphic Design, Data Entry etc. $9/Hr

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production@eurocharms.net(Project Progress Support)
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